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Our network
Built for performance and reliability
Our network has been designed to ensure the best redundancy, reliability, and performance possible.

Our transit network is entirely multihomed with tier 1 transit and engineered for the best routes possible, including direct peering routes with all primary content providers.
Clarity Networks
Not all Networks are created equal!
Global Network
Los Angeles
Clarity Networks Delivers Reliable and High-Quality Connections
Our carrier wholesale voice termination services provide you access to all key voice communication capabilities in one comprehensive offering. Our network redundancy ensures communication doesn’t get lost and scales confidently. We ensure communication doesn’t stop no matter how high the traffic volume increases
Australian & American Network
Access more than 94% of the US population for local, long distance and Toll-Free, 100% of the Australian
Population for Local, national, Toll-Free, 1300 & Mobile networks.
Leverage our multi-location, interconnected data centres for improved call quality
Provide excellent customer experience using customized solutions for increased scalability
International Services available for numerous global locations
24/7 Monitoring
Our Network Operations Centre is staffed 24/7 365 Days a year.
By owning and building most of our software and networks, Redundancy is always built into every aspect of our network
Tier 1 Carriers
Our Carrier Department is continually negotiating with tier one carriers around the world
Clarity Networks owns and operates one of the largest IP Voice networks, delivering complete coverage throughout Australia, New Zealand, the U.S.A & every country in-between. Globally interconnected, our network delivers Billions of Voice minutes
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